How safe is my informaiton details

Vietnam Visa is committed to offering the highest level of privacy and security. Every transaction of user authentication including personal information and credit card processing is performed using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, supported by your browser, by which all information sent to us is encrypted.

Our security certificate has been verified by Inc., using the best commercially available encryption on the Internet. Every precaution is taken by instigating procedures and policies to assure that personal information is used solely for the intended purposes, in order to prevent disclosure, misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification or destruction of information.

Is the same rate applied to everyone?

Yes, the same fees are applied to anyone who uses our service.

What is visa on arrival?

This is one of, if not, the quickest and cheapest way to get your visa for Vietnam. You just need to fill in our “Online Application Form“, get your “Visa approval letter” within 2 working days and pick up your visa at your destination airport (Hanoi airport, Ho Chi Minh city airport)

After we obtain the approval letter for you, we will forward you a copy by email or fax. Copies of the same document will be forwarded on your behalf to Vietnam Immigration checkpoints atInternational Airports only. When you arrive in Viet Nam, the Immigration officers will have those documents ready and will be able to issue your entry visa quickly.

See Also:  You can check out the information below for the detailed airport map where you will pick up your visa when you arrive.

What is the "approval letter"?

The “Visa approval letter” is a letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department  that allows you to enter and exit Vietnam for a given time period. With the approval letter, you can pick up your visa upon arrival at one of the  three international airports in Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang).

At the airport, the corresponding authority will verify the details on the approval letter based on your passport and travel documents. As long as you make sure you input the correct details when applying, you will surely be granted entry upon arrival in Vietnam with the approval letter. However, it is strongly advised that you read our website and follow all the instructions carefully to avoid problems or delays at the airport.

Visa-on-Arrival Counters:

Hanoi airport visa-on-arrival counter.
Ho Chi Minh city airport map – Ho Chi Minh city airport visa-on-arrival counter.

How do I receive my visa approval letter?

A colored scanned copy of the approval letter will be sent to you by email, so please make sure that you have provided us with the correct email address.

You can also request a copy by fax. In this case, please provide us with your fax number and email it to

Note: the approval letter is in PDF format, so please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat reader in order to open the file.

Do you require a scan of my passport scan?

In most cases, a passport scan is not required for an online visa application. However, if the Immigration office wishes to verify the information you provide, you are required to send them a scan copy of your passport. In such cases, we will notify you by email immediately.

What is stamping fee and how much is it?

The stamping fee is the fee you are required to pay at the Vietnamese airport in order to get the official visa stamped in your passport. The stamp fee must be in cash, no credit cards are accepted.

Stamp fee at the airport (price per person)

25 USD for single 1 month/3 month

50 USD for multiple entry

Currencies accepted: Vietnam Dong (VND) and USD (US Dollars)

What credit/debit cards are accepted?

We currently accept both Debit/Credit cards and PAYPAL for payment of our approval letter service fee. These include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club. Please click here for payment guidelines.

My credit card number is correct, but it was not accepted. Why?

• The card expiration date was entered incorrectly.

• You have reached your credit limit

• There was a computer error.

• Your Visa Verified password / Master Secure Code were entered incorrectly

How long does it take to get the approval letter?

Normally, the approval letter is processed and emailed you within two (2) to three (03) business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays).

If you submit your application and pay the fee before 12.00 PM Vietnam time on a Working day (Monday-Friday), we will send you the letter of approval by 18:00 PM on the following (next) working day.

In urgent cases, kindly get more detail at Rush service.